The Unloved Black Man: A Societal Struggle

Being a black American in today’s society is very arduous. It’s tougher than other Americans due to lack of understanding as well as inaccurate judgments, criticisms and stereotypes that were built from the “American” perception.

For the black American male, it is even harder. Struggle tends to follow him because of his skin color. This struggle goes as deep as the fear of “White America” being dominated by the black males because they are that powerful. The black man is powerful in mind, spirit, and heart, a power that no other can deny or imitate. America knows this, therefore barriers have been created, barriers that deprive the black male of seeing his full potential and success…

Lack of love from society

The black man in American society is unloved. He is typically frowned upon and stereotyped against because of the skin he was born in. It’s harder for him to get a good job, education, and be an overall successful individual because of the biased views he has whether we choose to believe it or not. He has bad reviews of fatherhood and manhood in general based on stereotypical opinions. He is negatively judged when he walks into a room and when he walks down the street. Society beats him down and shows him no love. Life is much more difficult for him than any other in American society.

Let’s use a scenario for further understanding of the black man in America:

Two males apply for a corporate management position with a very successful company. They have the exact same resume that includes 5 years of experience at the same company working in the same position. They both attended Harvard University and received a degree in Business. Both males have clean backgrounds and have contributed to their communities. They both go into their interview and say the same thing, nailing it. Let’s just say these two men might as well be the same person. The only difference between the two is that one male is black and the other is Caucasian. Which male do you think will (most likely) get the job?

Makes you think. No matter what the black man does, he will always be one step behind because of his ethnic group.

Lack of love from black women

A few people expressed that the black man does a lot to himself. That he created certain barriers because of his actions; such as the perception of not having or keeping a job, being a thug, and/or being a bad or absent father. The people that expressed this were black women.

Black women are no better than society when it comes to loving the black man. We have negative views and stereotype him just like society does but we think it’s okay or “helping” because we ourselves are black. Many black women say, “he’s never going to be s***!” Is this really how we view our black men? Have we not looked at him and seen how much he is trying yet society is making it difficult? Have we asked ourselves “what can we do to help our men” instead of insulting him?ย We need to do more building up and less beating down, encouraging rather than discouraging, loving instead of hating.

The black man’s own self esteem is lower than the average male because he knows of his struggle in America versus everyone else. He knows he has to work harder because of his race. He doesn’t even love himself which is why he is continuously killing others like him. Before we know it the black male population will be half of what it is now due to self-hate.

We as black women need to love him, in spite of stereotypes and flaws. The American population consist of about 12 to 13 percent of blacks, maybe 7 percent are women. Imagine being unsupported and unloved by 94 percent of society. The 7 percent of us black women need to do better by supporting and loving OUR black men! This will make a difference in his life.

A black woman โœŠ๐Ÿพ

Shana Creer

2 thoughts on “The Unloved Black Man: A Societal Struggle”

  1. I enjoyed your post.. I agree we need to love our man, but not be In the position of being a mother to our man.. Encourage the man to be a leader, a provider the head of his family.. Black American men need to see themselves as more, see themselves as you have stated, love themselve. Be accountable for the stereotypes for some of the stereotypes.. Be accountable for their ignorance, contentment and lack off.. The world is a huge place for many choices and change.. Live to be the opposite of what society say… Knowledge is power and can’t nobody be head back from that..

    Love you cousin.. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with you 100%! Encouragement is more valuable than many think. It is essential that this is done, but do not hinder him as a black man because it’s harder, encourage him to work harder and be better than the views and stereotypes of society. Thank you for your input cousin ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ™‚


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