Letter to Love

Dear love,

I would be selfish to express my deepest emotions, thoughts related to accepting reality and letting you be free. It would not be love at all to say please don’t go, love, I need you. To keep you present just to be in my presence. To hold you captive because letting go is too difficult. To see you unhappy to avoid losing a part of me that made me happy. Only now do I understand the true meaning of love – that it isn’t about self, but wanting the absolute best for another; even if that means it may not include you. The expression: “If you love someone, let them go” could be one of the most meaningful quotes on love, though typical and cliche. But it’s real. Only those who’ve had to accept the reality that the love of their life may be better off unattached so that they can be all they can be and progress as an individual will truly mediate on the meaning of the quote. I’ve come to learn that one can not be truly happy in a relationship, or in life in general, if he is not happy within self. The reality of it, though, is that it may be one of the hardest things to get through. To wake up without you and to know that it’s best because I just want to see you happy. I can cry myself to sleep every night knowing that you will not be next to me when I wake up, but I will also smile every morning knowing that you are finding yourself and progressing as an individual; which couldn’t make me more happy. The truth is, love, you will never know of the pain it felt to send a text instead of speaking directly, to hug you without it being followed by a kiss, and to leave your presence without saying “I love you.” I would much rather you be where you are knowing that I am okay. And I am. I look to God for strength and healing to move forward. I look to Him to open doors for you that will bring you prosperity and have favor over your life and well-being. I pray that we both utilize the time to find self consciousness and purpose. You will always be in my prayers, and in my heart. I will miss you, so much. This is me letting you go.

So, with every tear held back, be free love.Be free to find your self worth, your desires, your dreams. Find the voided happiness that is deeply rooted that can not be filled with another individual. Be the king that you were so destined to be. It’s your time now!

With every piece of me,

I love you.

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