The Sweet Escape: Behavioral Analysis of Marijuana

ganja3Oh, the sweet aroma. The blissful paradise that escapes the mind to a new level of creativity and elevation – Cannabis.

Marijuana, weed, ganja, herb, pot, Spider-Man’s love interest (Mary-Jane), and the list of names goes on for the hemp plant, Cannabis. It is a psychoactive drug that is used for medical and recreational purposes, and is the most commonly used drug.

One thing that many may have noticed is that it alters the personality. There is a behavioral change associated with marijuana intoxication known as a “High” that is caused by functions of the brain. Studies show that marijuana increases cerebral blood flow, which is the blood supply to the brain that enables the brain to maintain a constant blood flow. This is where the high comes from. Depending on the type of weed and the level of THC, the high will differ.

Ganja2There is a sativa high and there is an indica high. Sativa is the strain of
weed that results in a head high. This means that the affect is more
uplifting, resulting in a greater sense of energy. If you want to engage in
physical activity and be active, a Sativa weed is the go-to. Indica, on the other hand, is more of a body high. This strain provides more of a relaxed effect, resulting in a chill feeling with less anxiety.

Enough with the “Marijuana 101.” Let’s veer back to how it is a personality altering drug. When an individual is high, he or she is overall in a good mood. Their behavior is more relaxed and more willing to fulfill requests. Some may say that they are “nicer” individuals.

Many marijuana users tend to be more irritable and maybe even in a state of depression when not in the high mode. The fact is that there is a correlation between the irate behavior and absence of marijuana within an individual that engages in the recreational use on a regular basis. Once the high dies down and the user goes hours without the drug, there is an increased change in behavior….and it isn’t very pretty. After personally observing the behavior of many individuals who are marijuana users, I noticed the behavior and personality changes. I have a sister who is a recreational weed smoker and she is a super chill individual while high. When she isn’t, her attitude is terrible. A few years ago, I would only ask her for something or to do something after knowing that she smoked because I knew she would be more willing to do it. Call it what you want, but it was definitely a good thing to me. My son’s father is the same way in terms of the difference in behavior after going hours without the use of marijuana. He is extremely irritable and snaps at the smallest of things. It’s like everything annoys the hell out of him. My response? Uh, do you need some weed?

Ganja1Knowing the behavior change can help understand the response and actions
towards active marijuana users. No, this not true for every marijuana user, 
but it certainly is accurate for many. The fact is that the users become so dependent on the feeling of being lifted from the drug that when they go without it they are different people. It’s an addictive reaction. The herb has such an impact that it provides a sense of escape for many individuals, easing the mind of stress and problems resulted from life’s incidents.
Reality is tainted, but once the high goes down, the individual is back to reality and dealing with the problems. This can cause a sense of irritability and depression as seen in many users.
Cannabis has its good and bad elements. The behavior change can be both good and bad. On a spiritual perspective, because of the altered personality, would it be considered defying the temple?

If someone says that they like you better after use of the substance, is that a problem? As that would indicate that they do not really like the individual you are while sober-minded. Accepting a person for who they are is not relevant when dealing with many active marijuana users because they are not themselves while intoxicated and they are not themselves while sober. A detoxed individual may display more characteristics of their real personality because they do not have the substance as a controlling factor in who they are.

Many people may deny the truth behind marijuana being a personality altering substance, but the facts are there. Let’s debate!


Shana Creer

7 thoughts on “The Sweet Escape: Behavioral Analysis of Marijuana”

  1. I love this article I can’t believe how reading this helps me to understand others that are users better because I myself was a smoker of marijuana and never never did it have that effect on me I truly believe that whatever substance that they’re using whatever they’re putting in the marijuana is causing the side effects causing them to be dependent on it addicted to it I smoke marijuana for years and was never addicted never was irritated but thank you marshana thank you for this article. Awesome!!!

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  2. I do not recognise any of this in the smokers I know, or in myself. I have never seen anyone’s behaviour change, and I have never seen anyone “get high”. I’m wondering what it is these people are smoking, cos I don’t think it’s weed


    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your feedback. As stated in the article, this is not true for everyone. I am going off of a 10 year analysis of many individuals I have witnessed who have experienced these symptoms, as well as research based on facts. To clarify, it is definitely marijuana that I have observed and researched. Again, the analysis is not for every marijuana smoker, but it is accurate for many.


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      1. I think in all seriousness this may have a lot to do with what the people are smoking. All the smokers I know are very insistant to only smoke natural stuff, organic and all that. But some weed is grown in a more factory setting, with chemical fertilisers etc, and I wonder if we will discover with time and research that this all makes a difference


      2. Hello,
        Yes, each strain of marijuana definitely has different symptoms. Most marijuana users I have observed have used multiple strains, including the home grown organic. I certainly agree that time and more research will provide a much clearer understanding of the general use of marijuana, as I am no expert 🙂

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