The Significance of Dream Interpretation and Symbolism to the Waking Life

When we dream, the dreams are not always self-explanatory. They are not direct but are more so dreamt as a parable. There is a hidden meaning behind the things, and people, we dream about. Every event, person, object, and even color are symbolic and have a greater meaning than what we may understand.

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Since my early teen years, I have taken great interest in researching the interpretation of my dreams because they always tell me something about myself, about others, or about life and personal experiences in general. I like to look at them as spiritual awakenings. Maybe God is trying to tell me something. With that being said, I would like to share a very interesting dream I had the other night about a terrorist attack and want you all to follow along as I uncover its spiritual meaning and my interpretation of it. Here we go!

The Dream

During my dream, I first remember being in the backseat of a car that had 4 other passengers in it (one was my little sister and another was my mom, not sure of the others). We were in really bad traffic on the freeway and the traffic was barely moving. We began talking about how bad the traffic was and what had caused the hold up when I looked out the left passenger window where I was sitting only to see a terrible car accident had occurred and bodies and paramedics were all on the freeway shoulder. The people in the car with me started discussing the accident and saying that they hoped everyone was okay. I began scanning the scene as we made our way past the accident and I noticed two individuals receiving medical attention while laying in the street, a body on the ground covered with a white sheet, and then I quickly noticed another body that was laying down had got up and started walking towards all the cars that were in traffic. I immediately thought it was strange because the guy looked very lost and like he needed medical attention. He reminded me of something from The Walking Dead. There was a paramedic looking at him and started to call to him to come back towards the scene. At this point, I began asking myself why doesn’t the paramedic just run over and grab him before he gets hit by a car. As soon as the thought crossed my mind, a white car came speeding from the shoulder where the accident occurred and crashed right into some cars that were in traffic, hitting the man that had got up. Everyone’s reaction in the car was a simple, yet disturbing, what the fuck? Now, this is where things get extremely unhinged. A man wearing a white thobe and a white and red turban hops out of the car with a machine gun and literally starts shooting at the cars stopped near him in traffic. He began walking straight ahead and shooting at cars along the way, gradually getting closer to the car I was in. I remember hearing my mom say “you guys stay down” as me and the others in the back got on the floor and shielded ourselves. The sad thing about this all is that no one could even move because the stopped traffic, which made things odder. This is when I began to question if the whole event was a complete conspiracy. Then I woke up.

The Interpretation

Now, there are a lot of things to analyze here in order to break down an exact meaning so I’ll just start with the basics. For starters, all of this occurred while in traffic. According to, “To dream that you are in traffic signifies the frustrations that you are experiencing in your life. Things are not going as smoothly as you would like it to. You feel stuck at where you are in life.” This is very relevant to my current life situation so this was confirmation of my frustrated emotions.

The next thing to point out is the car accident. A car accident represents an emotional state, such as harboring deep emotions and fears. Dream Mood suggests rethinking or re-planning a course of action to set me on a better path. there were also injuries from the accident, therefore “Dreaming that someone is injured in a car accident means that you cannot control the action of others. They have to live with the consequences of their own decisions.” Hmmm, this is very interesting in itself considering the people in my life and their actions…but let’s keep it moving.

The freeway is where everything occurred so it is a very important symbol. Dream Mood explained that being on a freeway indicates a feeling of liberation and getting towards your goals. It also states that “if the freeway is slow moving or blocked, then it suggests frustrations or obstacles that are hindering your path toward your goals.” This confirms the representation from the traffic interpretation.

The additional symbolism of the dream include a shooting which indicates that you have a set goal and know what to aim for in life, the color white, which represents purity and/or having an awakening on life, and to see a gun means being defensive about something or dealing with issues of passiveness/aggressiveness (in my case, passiveness).

Okay, now let’s look at the bigger picture of the dream: the terrorist attack. I believe this to be the most critical event in the dream. After researching its meaning, this is what I found a very interesting interpretation from “Dreaming about terrorists represents the fear that there is something untraceable and unstoppable that is working against you to undermine all of your hopes and dreams. This terrorist could be a friend or coworker and often the terrorist is not aware of what he is doing to throw you under the bus” (Klein, 2013). It also said that “Alternatively, seeing a terrorist attack in your dream may indicate that there is an intrusion of your personal space or a major clash of opinions in your waking life. Perhaps you need to free yourself from a particular situation that is draining the life from you (Klein, 2013). Considering the state of my current waking situation and the emotions I have been feeling, this one may be more relevant.

My Final Interpretation and Conclusion

Based on the analysis of my dream and its intriguing symbolism, I was able to learn a few things about myself in my waking life. I need to redirection my path in order to accomplish my goals because I feel that I am not getting anywhere. Also, I need to be mindful of the relationships I have with others and be aware that some of them may be more hindering than motivating. I can not control the actions of others as they, unknowingly, harm me emotionally and drain the life out of me.

I have been going through a lot emotionally in my waking life and finding the meaning behind an odd dream was able to provide me with a sense of a spiritual awakening. Dreams have significance and interpret things that we do not realize in our waking life. For instance, if you have a dream that your significant other is cheating on you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are, but that you have some inner issues that you need to work on. I highly encourage my readers, and anyone else for that matter, to research the dreams that you have, especially when they do not make sense to you and may seem to come from out of the blue. Those dreams may be trying to tell you something very important about yourself.

Live and Learn,

Shana Creer ❤

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